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Georgia Guidestones Brad Meltzer Decoded.
Brad Meltzer’s “Decoded” team investigates the Georgia Guidestones. Image Credit: AmpCoder/Wikipedia.

Our curious story begins in June of 1979 when a gentleman using the alias ‘R.C. Christian’ ordered a local granite company in Georgia to build the Guidestone monument. The project cost $500,000 and was done under the strict promise that the actual name of the gentleman remain anonymous. The Elberton Granite Finishing Company went to work using the gent’s design. The vertical slabs stand 16 feet tall and each weighs in at about 20 tons. The overall height is about 20 feet and the monument is located near Nuberg, GA, just outside Atlanta.

As Brad’s team, (Buddy, ‘Mac’ and Scott) arrive on scene, they are taken aback by the structure. Mac, the team’s engineer, is most impressed with the monument’s astronomical alignments, such as a hole in the capstone which marks the noon hour all year round. In addition to the main stones, there are also a series of supporting stones, as well as an ‘Explanation Stone’ placed horizontally some six feet away and marks a time capsule, with a blank date given for when it is to be opened.

The team next considers the message written in the 12 modern and ancient languages. Apparently a ‘ten commandments’ with the inscription “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason”. On top, the very first ‘commandment’ is a scary one, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” This immediately conjures up questions as to the purpose behind the guidestones and who designed and built them?

Author Raymond Wiley meets the team and tells the story of how many suspect that the pseudonym of ‘R.C. Christian’ is a twist on Christian Rosenkreuz, who founded the Rosicrucians in Germany sometime between 1607 and 1616. The group was originally made up of doctors who in their spare time explored the mystical secrets of alchemy and mind control. Indeed, if looking at the Georgia monument from above, does bares similarity with the group’s symbol, known as the Rosy Cross.

Next, the team meets up with Van Smith, a journalist who spins a darker tale of how the Guidestones foretell of impending disaster. A worldwide Apocalypse which will wipe out most of humanity. In this regard, the Guidestones are sort of a Swiss Army knife to help survivors regroup and establish a New World Order. Smith calls the Guidestones, “Humanity’s Tombstone”. He also makes the claim that the Rosicrucians are a sinister bunch and charges that Sirhan Sirhan was a member and had been brain washed into assassinating Robert F. Kennedy.

But Brad Meltzer isn’t buying that story and neither should we. Should we? Brad arranges for his team to meet with Rev. Bette Benner, a Rosicrucian herself. She isn’t buying the Sirhan story either, but provides more rational reasons why the group has been secretive, mainly due to persecution from the Catholic Church throughout history. Their view of Christ is that he was a Man who became a God, as opposed to the Son of God who became Man. She also verified that they do practice ‘assumption’, techniques meant to improve one’s psychic abilities. This gets Buddy excited and he starts practicing their methods.

Scott heads to California alone to meet with film producer Jay Wiedner. His take on the Rosicrucians and the Guidestones is a positive one. He says they are meant to save Humanity, not destroy it. He believes that the Rosicrucians have some secret knowledge pertaining to periodic cataclysms, possibly an impending solar flare which will all but wipe out the human race. Brad injects himself at this point, telling the audience that scientists have traced a catastrophe some 13,000 years ago where North America was pummeled by comet fragments. He adds that NASA is currently warning about increased solar flares.

Buddy and Mac also get an earful on solar flares from an astronomer, as well as about potential asteroid strikes. Next, they meet with a chap from the Elberton Granite Association who claims he actually met the anonymous man who funded the monument. Contrary to some speculation, it was not Ted Turner! Some people think he was involved because of comments made during an interview where he said the world would be better ecologically if 95% of humanity was gone. Nice!

They next meet with a medical scientist doing research on artificial tele-kinesis, moving objects with mere thought. Buddy volunteers to try her experiment. Wearing a wired cap, his brain is linked to a robotic arm and Buddy succeeds in making it move on his first try! Something only 20% of the population seem to be able to do. Buddy and Mac finally meet with Dr. James Burton who tells them that psychics have been predicting the Apocalypse for centuries. That significant ‘Earth Changes’ are coming and shows them a map of how the United States will look after the cataclysm. Most of the West Coast, along with portions of New York and Florida are underwater. The area in Georgia where the Guidestones stand are one of six ‘safe zones’ psychics predict.

Scott rejoins the team and they compare notes. They conclude that the Georgia Guidestones are not “Humanity’s Tombstone”, nor the “Ten Commandments of the Anti-Christ”. Could it be a tool to help survivors of an Apocalypse rebuild a better Earth? Buddy thinks the purpose is more for just simple self-examination, to promote considering a new Age of Reason. Brad Meltzer ends the first season of ‘Decoded’ on the History Channel with another theory. At the time of the Guidestones construction, the world was still knee-deep in the Cold War. The Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan and they and the United States were facing each other with thousands of nuclear warheads. Less to do about Mayan calendars and more with practical geo-politics.

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