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magnetic boy just sticky
Experts say the Magnetic Boy is just sticky…EWW! roulettes parade clarkson lake palace casino

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A German materials scientist, Elmar Kroner, has a slightly different take on the subject. Kroner has researched how the feet of gecko exhibit adhesiveness, and it has to do with elasticity. “The sweat has a crucial function. With increasing wetness of the skin, its mechanical properties change. The skin becomes softer, and this reduces the elastically-stored energy of the skin and again leads to higher adhesion.”

So is Bogdan a magnetic boy or just a sticky kid? The 7-year-old Serbian child has demonstrated his magnetic powers while shirtless on Yuo-Tube videos and to an MSNBC reporter. But the experts, like Benjamin Radford of Skeptic Inquirer tells “Life′s Little Mysteries” that Bogdan there are no indications that magnetism has anything to do with this. A combination of sooth, hairless skin, with natural body grease, oils and sweat, are probably the reason why items ranging from glass tumblers to frying pans stick to Bogdan′s chest.

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