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Zsa Zsa Gabor  4

The 94-year-old actress was the original star of the 1952 Moulin Rouge directed by John Huston, and is most famous for having nine husbands. Recently, medical complications caused doctors to remove the lower half of the actress’ right leg in recent weeks.

Suffering under the debt of medical bills, the last thing Zsa Zsa Gabor needs is to have her house broken into. Her husband, who was woken by a loud noise at about 3am says he suspects several items were stolen before he could chase off the criminals.

“We are conducting a burglary, hot prowler call investigation,” a police contact confirmed. “Apparently, they awoke and thought they heard some noises. When they awoke sometime later they found evidence of forced entry.”

Despite their current troubles, the 94-year-old actress is more focused on longer-term ventures. She famously sought out Nicole Kidman recently to request that the actress plays her role in and upcoming bio-pic.

“She wants me to talk to Nicole Kidman today because she wants her to play her in her life story,” said Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt. “Nicole made the new Moulin Rouge and Zsa Zsa did the old Moulin Rouge,” he explained. “She always says, ‘Nicole was perfect in Moulin Rouge! She should play me in my life story.’ ”

Police aren’t saying much more about Zsa Zsa Gabor’s house being broken into, and no suspects have been brought fourth yet. What do you think of Kidman playing this legendary actress in a life movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section after you check out pictures and video on the story below!

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Photos:, Agent47