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alien fossils meteorites
Has NASA found alien fossils in meteorites again?

Of course, there is plenty of room for skepticism. Another recent NASA science project which claims to have found fossils of microbes of life chemically dissimilar to anything we know was quickly challenged. Back in 1996, NASA scientists reported finding fossilized bacteria in a meteorite found in Antarctica. That news even earned a press conference by then President Bill Clinton, which was used in the movie “Contact”.

However you slice it, it is becoming more and more obvious that life does exist elsewhere in the universe. Possibly even in other places in the neighborhood. The meteorite found in Antarctica is believed to have come from Mars. Recent surveys of Saturn′s moons show a potential for life there. Jupiter′s moon, Europa, also has many scientists eager for more study.

Exobiology is moving from a quaint refuge of a few believers to a serious field of science. Discoveries of more Earth-like planets outside our Solar System are adding to the probability that life is abundant. Most of the new robotic missions to Mars include exobiology experiments. As far as NASA is concerned, the hunt for alien life is a very real purpose for further exploration The game is afoot!

Dr. Richard Hoover, a NASA scientist, claims to have found alien fossils in a meteorite. The origin of this particular space rock is unknown. But the fossilized bacteria lack the nitrogen that one would normally find on terrestrial samples. However, another NASA project which found evidence of life not based on conventional chemistry from Lake Mono, California, may raise questions.

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