Cranston, Rhode Island

Jason Foreman, 5, son of Joice and John Foreman, vanished on May 18, 1975. That day was also his Mother’s 25th birthday.

It would be close to eight long years before the Foreman’s learned the fate of their son.

Michael Woodmansee confessed in 1982 to abducting and killing the child—after being questioned about another crime involving a young boy. As part of a plea deal on Feb. 24, 1983, he was sentenced to forty (40) years in prison for second degree murder.

The plea and the sentence were supposed to spare the Foreman family the gruesome details of Jason’s murder, which allegedly included eating the boys flesh.

Now, due to ‘good time,’ Woodmansee is scheduled to be released twelve (12) years early. John Foreman has vowed to kill Michael Woodmansee if that happens.

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Michael Woodmansee managed to shave 12 years off his 40 year sentence by utilizing ‘good time.’ In 1982 he admitted to kidnapping and killing Jason Foreman and his sentence on the second degree murder charge was a mere forty years. It’s likely no one foresaw any ‘good time’ for a man convicted of such a barbaric and brutal crime.

Five year old Jason vanished without a trace in 1975. For years he was listed as ‘missing.’ Woodmansee, who lived not far from the Foreman residence in South Kingstown, Rhode Island was questioned by police in 1982, after a 14 year old boy claimed he had been lured into the Woodmansee home, given hard liquor, then strangled. Thankfully he survived the attack. However, since the crime involved a boy, authorities questioned Michael about Jason’s disappearance.

He confessed.

A search of the home produced a detailed journal of the kidnapping, sexual assault and alleged cannibalization of 5 year old Jason Foreman. Jason’s skull and other bones were found in a dresser drawer, painted and shellacked.

After sentencing Woodmansee to forty years, the judge ordered all evidence sealed.

Superior Court Judge Thomas H. Needham ordered his journal and all other evidence in the case sealed. Needham said the accounts within it were too disturbing for Jason’s family to see.

For decades, rumors have surfaced about the journal. John Foreman alleged that Woodmansee was a cannibal and said the killer had eaten his son’s flesh off his bones.

Michael Woodmansee has spent almost all of the last 28 years incarcerated in Massachusetts. Due to his impending release in August, 2011, he was recently transferred to Cranston, Rhode Island and the public outcry is being heard around the world.

After learning of Woodmansee’s possible release, Jason’s father released the following statement:

“I do intend, if this man is released anywhere in my vicinity, or if I can find him after the fact, I do intend to kill this man.”

Personally, I believe him. Serving 28 years is a far cry from forty!

Michael Woodmansee was 16 at the time he committed this crime. During the search for Jason, Michael’s father was allowed to search his own home since he was a police reserve officer. How fortunate for society that times have changed!

Years after accepting the plea on reduced charges, Michael would tell police and a psychiatrist that he had been thinking about “what it would be like” to kill someone.

He thought it would be easy, easy to get away with it, and some form of fun.

He called Jason Foreman over to help him with something.

“I just saw him at the wrong time,” Woodmansee would say.

Once the boy was in the house, Woodmansee stabbed him once in the chest with a kitchen knife.

For about an hour, “I kept checking to see if he was really dead.”

He finally placed the child’s body in plastic and hid it in the basement. There’s so much more at the links, but be warned some information is quite graphic.

I can’t imagine the horror the Foreman’s went through. Joice Foreman died at age 50 and mercifully doesn’t have to cope with the knowledge that Woodmansee might victimize another child. John Foreman, on the other hand, has not forgotten or forgiven and wants revenge, if his son’s killer is released early. Can you honestly blame him?

I can not, I will not, fault the man. Let God do the forgiving. Let our justice system keep its word and have truth in sentencing. I don’t care about ‘good time’ laws, where a criminal can earn time off from their sentence for behaving in prison.

Aren’t they supposed to behave? Do we really need to offer an incentive?

I certainly hope that Mr. Foreman is simply venting his anger—I would hate to see him spend the rest of his life in prison; as a parent however, I feel he is speaking the truth.

Maybe for Woodmansee’s own protection he should remain behind bars.

Who among you would be comfortable having Michael in your home, or as a neighbor? Would you allow him around your loved ones?

John Foreman has vowed to kill Michael Woodmansee for killing and cannibalizing his son— do you think he will or is he blowing off steam?

How do you feel about ‘good time,’ even for the vilest criminal?

Does Woodmansee deserve a chance at redemption? Has he spent the last 28 years enjoying the memories of his atrocious actions?

If released, will he ever be safe from society? Remember, he isn’t the only twisted, evil person out there. If Foreman doesn’t find him, will someone else become a vigilante?

Stay tuned, folks. This is far from over.

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