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Angel Richard, 20, Melissa Workman, 21, Ricky Bruner Sr.,33, are all being held without bond after being charged with child abuse.

Richard is charged with first-degree domestic battery for injuries to her son, Eli Richard, barely 3 months old. The infant also suffers from malnutrition.

Bruner and Workman are charged with first-degree domestic battery over the malnourished condition of Ricky Joe Bruner Jr., their 2 month old son.

At least a dozen dogs shared the home with the alleged sadistic trio, and were found to be well fed in the squalid house of horrors.

Police also noted at least 10 cans of baby formula was on hand for the infants, Eli and Ricky Jr.

Both infants remain hospitalized and are beginning to improve. Eli Had broken legs, a bleeding brain, a broken arm and other injuries. Ricky Jr.’s photo shows his ribs sticking out and loose skin around his tiny bones.

Watch the video and read more about this tragic tale of infant abuse after the jump.

A casual friend of Angel Richard turned the new ‘mother’ in to authorities after issuing an ultimatum last week.

Susan Victoriano saw Richard’s pushing a stroller and was horrified when she saw the baby, Eli Richard. She said “Dead. He looked dead, he had bruises all over his face and he had blood in his nose.”

She then proceeded to give Angel a choice.

“When I pulled the blanket back. I was in shock. He was bruised, bleeding in the nose, and couldn’t suck his pacifier.”
“I said ‘Angel if you go towards my house and get in the van, I’ll take him to the hospital and we can be friends until the end of time’. And I said ‘if you walk down 12th street, I’m done. You won’t see you baby, you’re gonna go to jail, I’m done.'”

Richard ignored her, turned and walked away. Victoriano, fortunately, kept her word and immediately called police.

Police responded and stopped Angel as she was strolling the infant. They took one look at the baby and called EMS. Eli was transported to the hospital and officers obtained a search warrant for the home—–that’s when they found the second victim of gross abuse, little Ricky Bruner Jr. Officer’s think the baby may have been fed once a week!

When police first arrived at the home, they saw Ricky in a car seat, all covered and in front of a heater. They requested Melissa Workman remove the blanket and were so shocked that EMS was called to transport the infant to the hospital.

“They found another baby was extremely malnourished. We believe the baby that was extremely malnourished was being fed about once a week.”

All three parents have now been arrested and charged. The condition of the house left everyone appalled—one police official said he wouldn’t allow his own dog in the home.

The house was covered in feces, urine, trash, garbage, rat dropping, etc. The slide shows at the link are extremely graphic, and I wish I had not not looked. They can be seen here, if you’re inclined.

Both infants are slowly improving. Melissa Workman, Ricky Bruner Sr., and Angel Richard are scheduled to be in court tomorrow, March 23, 2011. Perhaps they will receive bond then, but I certainly hope not. How can 2 adults, sharing a home with 2 babies, not notice the children are starving, being abused?

I have known many young mothers that are so loving, nurturing and fiercely protective of their children—-they hurt more than their children when the tot is teething, or has an earache. Then you run across people that can’t take the time to pour formula in bottle and feed their child for a few minutes.

When frustrated, rather than loving their baby enough to do the right thing, i.e. surrender the baby for adoption, they end up violently abusing their offspring. Do you have any idea how hard it is to break little baby bones? It’s difficult, as their bones are so soft.

I don’t understand why there seems to be so much anger and violence directed toward children. Is it drugs, alcohol? Is it the way they were raised? When it comes to helpless child versus great big grown-up, what side do you take? I’m amazed so many look the other way (including Richard’s sister), and very thankful that Susan Victoriano chose to get involved.

What say you? Should this trio, accused of horrific abuse and starving their infants sons, be allowed bail? If guilty, how should they be punished?

Given the condition of the home, should they even be allowed to have a pet?

I am so ready to vote for any law that would require parental licensing—-this madness has to stop, one way or the other, and if I have to give up a ‘right’ or two to protect our most vulnerable citizens, I’m willing.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section beneath the video. Be aware the video is graphic, too.