181 Responses to “Mark Ortman, Kisha Curtis: The Man Behind The Arrest Of Patrick The Pitbull’s Abuser (Video)”

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    candleight justice Says:

    Great story Mark seems to be a limelighter but im sure this Kisha Curtis would Never have been caught so quickly had he NOT have acted so quickly and decisively..!! Good job!!…the bottom line is catching her reward or no reward…and shes caught !! Bravo Mark

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    Kisha Curtis: Upgraded Torture Charges For Patrick The Pit Bull Owner (Video) » Right Juris Says:

    […] Read candleight justice at 1:50 pm (1) […]

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    Cindy Says:

    Bottom line, Mark helped get Kisha caught and put away, and THAT is what matters! So, thank you Mark!

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    Mark Ortman Says:

    thanx cindy like spike lee said “do the right thing”…..thanx for the kind words…its Not about catching kisha its about Patricks recovery …Mark Protector031@aol.com

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    lydia Says:

    reward or no reward he did the right thing for the right reason go mark!

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    Brian Says:

    also give thanks to the kind folks at Veterinary Specialists who took Patrick in and gave him the kind of intensive care he totally needed. I am sure it was a lot of effort, and they succeeded. Lets advocate for no-kill shelters and do the best for each dog and cat. They all want a good home among us humons. I think Mark responded like a good human being and possibly prevented this from happening again. A lot of people did the right thing here.

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    susan myers Says:

    Everyone involved gets a big THANK-YOU from me. Mark , you’re a wonderful person setting a great example for stepping up to help get justice for Patrick, sadly most people won’t bother to get involved. Thanks again !

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    Michelle Says:

    Sorry ..not buying it.I read the initial story :
    Scroll down to these words from Mr. Ortman-“I don’t know quite why I’m not getting any credit for helping in this investigation. I did it for the dog first because I am and have always been an animal lover, but I’m also interested in collecting the reward. After all it was because of me that the authorities got their information.”
    Now he says he doesn’t want the reward!
    Too many inconsistancies in ALL the recent articles Ortman has done.First he mentioned that the dog was thin..now he says he was fine and had food and water?By telling untruths to make yourself look better you may help this piece of filth get off,so please tell the truth.Also,first rule of trying to convince people of the truth-Keep your story straight! I guess from the above comment from the initial article and so many people getting enraged that he decided to change his story.Whatever …you know what you did or didn’t do..Just let’s not paint Patrick’s starvation on a two week period like Tammie Curtis or whoever that person is..You are a piece of work Mr Ortman..the more you talk the worse you make it for Patrick.Please get out of the limelight.The real heroes here are the man who rescued Patrick from the garbage chute and called Associated Human Society(who still is pretty much annonymous),American Human Society and Capt Yocum for upgrading the charges and Garden State Veterinarian Specialists ! A real hero is humble and Mr.Ortman you ARE NOT. I do not believe you.

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    Michelle Says:

    And what about this comment in the initial article Mr. Ortman? What is the truth?
    “Kisha Curtis lived in subhuman conditions when I went to her place. The front door was barely on its hinges, and the apartment was vitually unlivable. Human Services has been at her apartment, security visits, domestic violence issues and the Division of Family Services were there many times. It hardly made sense she would have been taking care of a dog, but I had no legal grounds to do anything, except I never forgot the look in that puppy’s face when I left.”
    Now you say he looked fine and had food and water? Do you realize that this lie could get hurt the case against Curtis? Please ,please stop this and let Patrick get justice!That is all that all of us -true animals lovers want.Justice for Patrick!

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    Cindy Says:

    I have to agree with Michelle… he seems to be stressing the fact that Patrick was ‘well taken care of all the times he saw him”. That may be the case, but Patrick didn’t get that way overnight. How long since he had seen Patrick? Less emphasis needs to be made on the way he ‘seemed’ when he saw him and how he was found in the end. I’m proud of him and applaud him for turning Curtis in, but there seems there might be just a wee bit of ‘cover my rear for not reporting this earlier…’… just sayin’…

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