31 Responses to “Seath Tyler Jackson: Six Charged In Savage Murder Of Florida Teen (Video)”

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    Cindy Says:

    Wow- this is beyond horrible. I’m glad the one kid confessed though- or no one may ever have found out what happened to the poor kid.

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    Pamela Says:

    Unbelievable! What this boy must have thought as this happened to him. As a parent I can not imagine what his parents are going through now. I think that whom ever was responsible for his death, that includes those that watched also(because they could have tried to stop this, should be tortured in the same manner. What they did to him is exactly what should be done to them, let the inmates that are not getting out do it. for the ones that just help cover it up give them time in prison. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, so very sorry for your loss.

  3. 3
    Lexi Says:

    Thats just horrible. How could you just take someones life like thats. And especially his ex girlfriend. What he was thinking and how much pain is just horrible. 15 and have to go threw that. They should all get the death penalty or see what it’s like to die that way. And what his parents have to go threw is just horrible and no one deserves that. Everyone where a black shirt 4-21-11 in memory of Seath Tyler Jackson.

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    lydia Says:

    send them straight to hell

  5. 5
    courtney Says:

    This just pure evilness I don’t care how young they are u gotta be a evil person to do something like this. I hope they rot in prison my heart goes out to his family I can’t image what they are going through and to even know what they did to his body makes it even worse .Not only they took him away from his family and rob him of his life and dreams They took away his parents chance to give him a resting place and give them some comfort to a least have his body . But there is no comfort when it comes to losing a child they do have my deepest sympathy .

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    Brian Says:

    The parents who raised these animals should be questioned in public court and held to account for how they raised them to be this brutal. Pictures of the parents should be published and in the paper and news casts so that people can see the source ultimately responsible for this tragedy. If a parent did everything they could to “fix” these deviants, then they should be forgiven, but if they let things slide to this kind of ending, they deserve to stand before the town.

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    JoAnne Thomas Says:

    @Brian—sadly, I agree. More public shaming and a healthy does of humiliation would go a long way in lowering the crime rate.

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    tee Says:

    you no, i heard of this, just this morning when my 17 & 18 old boys told..me, i just don’t no what a 15 yr old boy could of done so bad…to be killed this way, or any other way for that matter…when my daughter n law called me & asked me to pull the story up, on the internet,i done so…i sat here @ my desk & cried for this boys family…i have always believed in “eye for an eye”…if just maybe we done the same to these people who do these horrible things…maybe sooner or later…it will stop!!! i totally agree w/brian above…the parents of these people & you can’t even call ‘em all kids, cuz there were 2 18 year old’s & a 37 year old “MAN”…i just don’t understand this @ all….seath was only 15…i did not no him…nor do i no his family…but my heart is breaking for them all…i couldn’t even begin to tell what sort of punishment would be good enuff…except maybe line ‘em up in front of the court house & let the family & the public have their turn…& let their parents watch…just maybe when all the parents see what could happen…they’ll get a better handle on their own kids…

  9. 9
    JoAnne Thomas Says:

    @Tee: I’m with you here. Few stories affect me as this one did, and it’s high time we start holding parent’s accountable.
    It’s the only way to stop these little criminals in the making.

  10. 10
    tee Says:

    you no joAnne, when i see stories like this one, i’m so glad my kids “HATE ME” that just tells me i’m doin sumthing right…& now i have 2 grandchildren that i no will be brought up right…& when you think about..the law always wants to set an example out of teens who do petty things…so i’m hoping that the law will go 100% forward on this…set an example to these (“i don’t even no what to call ‘em) & thier parents too…..

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