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Six people ranging in ages from 15 to 37 have been arrested in connection with the gruesome and savage murder of Seath Tyler Jackson, 15, on Sunday, April 17, 2011.

Kyle Hooper, 16, Michael Bargo, 20, Amber Wright, 15, Charlie Kay Ely, 18, Justin Soto, 20, and James Young Havens, 37 have been charged in one of the most disgusting and barbaric crimes we’ve heard of.

While Havens is only charged as an accessory after the fact, the other five are charged with first degree murder after allegedly plotting, then luring Seath Tyler Jackson (Seth Jackson) to a home where he was beaten, shot, hog-tied, had his knees broken, then was shot again—-before being placed in a sleeping bag and tossed in a fire-pit.

And it gets worse.

Watch the video and read more on this brutally sadistic crime after the jump.

On Monday, April 18, 2011, Seath Tyler Jackson’s parents, fearing he ran away, reported him missing. On Tuesday, April 19, 2011, another parent, Kyle Hooper’s mother, notified deputies that her son had witnessed a murder on Sunday, April 17, in a home in Summerfield, not far from Ocala, Florida.

Tuesday evening, wasting no time at all, Marion County Sheriff’s investigators arrested six people in connection with Jackson’s death.

They are identified as Kyle Hooper, 16, Michael Bargo, 20, Amber Wright, 15, Charlie Kay Ely, 18, Justin Soto, 20, and James Young Havens, 37.

It’s alleged that Amber Wright, Seath’s former girlfriend, and Charlie Kay Ely sent several text messages to Jackson indicating Amber wanted to reconcile.

When the young boy showed up at the Ely home, he was hit in the head by a wooden object, then shot multiple times. When he tried to escape, James Soto allegedly tackled him and held him down while the so called ring-leader, Michael Bargo, shot him again.

It’s believed that the miscreants then placed the helpless victim in the tub and broke his knee caps, hog tied him, realized he was still alive, shot him again—–then stuffed him in a sleeping bag.

They then threw him into a fire pit, which was already burning when Jackson arrived at the home. After Seath was burned, they shoveled his charred remains into several five gallon paint buckets.

A dive team with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office has recovered three 5-gallon paint buckets, believed to contain the ashen remains of a 15-year-old murder victim. Divers are searching a lime rock pit that is located off the 4200 block of State Road 40 in Ocala.

Police are also hoping to recover a .22-caliber revolver used in the shooting. James Havens’ is stepfather to two of those directly involved in the murder and helped dispose of the young boy’s remains. His bond is a paltry $10,000. It’s believed they are all involved in the planning, execution and cover-up of Seath Jackson’s vicious murder.

The savages cleaned up after themselves with bleach, which must have penetrated Kyle Hooper’s conscience, since he did tell his mother of the gangs vile and disgusting crimes.

Authorities believe Michael S. Bargo is the ‘master-mind’ of the barbaric murder. It’s widely reported the motive for Seath’s murder might simply be because Bargo “hated him.” It’d been noted that when reporter’s ask Bargo a question, his response is the middle finger.

Wonder how well that will work for him if he’s convicted.

This story is one that I desperately want to be a hoax. To think that 6 like minded people could come together and do something so horrific truly boggles the mind.

Why didn’t one of the six step up and say something? I don’t believe for a second that a teen cannot grasp the finality of death. I know they understand physical pain——how could they inflict so much on this harmless child?

Where the hell are the parent’s these days?

Few stories affect me as this one has. The terror, the pain—–the betrayal of seeing the girl he loved turn on him, must have been worse than being in fires of hell.

I wish we hadn’t taken the death penalty for teens off the table—–in my opinion, not a single one of them deserves to draw another breath.

Those of you against the death penalty, how would you feel if this boy was your son—–full of hopes and dreams and a bright future?

Please leave your thoughts on the six people / teens accused in the brutal, gruesome murder of Seath Tyler Jackson in the comment section beneath the video. Amber Wright, Charlie Kay Ely, James Young Havens, Justin Soto, Kyle Hooper, Michael Bargo, all names that will live in infamy forever.

Check back for updates—–we all know this is a story that will change constantly, as they “eat each other.” Also remember, they’re all innocent until proven otherwise.