4 Responses to “Arturo Aguilar Vega Jr., Gabriela Ortiz Arrested For Gruesome Murder Of Toddler Brandon Herrera (Video)”

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    Cindy Says:

    Maybe its just because its so late at night- but I missed the part about why the mom is being charged? Regardless, I AM glad this trial will be held in Texas. RIP, Brandon. :(

  2. 2
    JoAnne Thomas Says:

    @Cindy: The mom and dad are not being charged. Brandon was with the mom’s cousin, Gabby Ortiz because “she couldn’t handle him” ( allegedly)

  3. 3
    Juustice for our children Says:

    Such a sad story that should’ve never happened! My understanding his Grandparents wanted him and were not even getting to see this poor baby. Stuff like this happens in Hunt County all the time, I know of a story of a little that just got sent back to her father after CPS, her Play Therapist, and Forensic interview all say and show sexual abuse by her father. This poor baby girl was sent back to her father because the Judge said ” I DONT BELIEVE IT HAPPENED”!! We need Judges in this town that will help save our children keep them safe. Why have a child advocacy center or CPS for that matter if they are not allowed to do their job.
    Such a sad story now another baby had to die. What is wrong here….

  4. 4
    DollLady36 Says:

    Oh, good – it’s in Texas and they like the death sentences!!!! Hope both get the same treatment.

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