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Arturo Aguilar Vega Jr.,23, and his girlfriend Gabriela Ortiz, 22, had to be provided with extra security at their arraignment Wednesday, July 20, 2011 for the brutal murder of 2 year old Brandon Herrera.
Court documents show the soon to be 3 year old toddler died a gruesome, barbaric death—–causing extreme public outrage.
Vega and Ortiz are being held on a two million dollar bond. Ms. Ortiz is Brandon Herrera’s cousin.

Learn more about this disabled toddler, the horrific way he died—–and watch the video after the jump.

Court documents show that Brandon Herrera’s mother, Tess Galofaro, was having trouble caring for her son, who wore a prosthetic leg, and passed him off to a cousin, Gabriela Ortiz about 6 weeks ago. Some are saying the child’s father, Eddie Herrera was seeking custody.
One thing is for certain—-something went terribly wrong.

Arturo Vega Jr. allegedly admitted to “losing it” and beating Brandon Herrera over the weekend. Sunday morning, July 17,2011 between 5 and 6:00 AM local time, he discovered Brandon was not breathing, so he and his girlfriend Ortiz put the baby in the car and called 911 for help, meeting an ambulance at an overpass. Paramedics pronounced the child dead, and stated he had been deceased for some time.

Homicidal violence claims another child. Brandon died from massive blunt force trauma. It’s unknown how long the little boy suffered extreme abuse, but some of his injuries were old. Information released from search warrants reveal this tiny, disabled toddler was in horrific shape—-his entire body was covered in cuts and bruises. There was a blackened wound on his little chest in the shape of a square. He had multiple, open wounds covering his back, legs, bottom and tummy.
His prosthetic leg was not with him.

A search of Vega’s car turned up a bloodstained T-shirt, wooden spoon, a belt. The warrant showed police were also looking for candles and other objects that may have been used in the torture of this helpless little boy.

The records also show that Arturo Vega Jr. admitted to police that he beat Brandon with a belt at least 10 times Saturday night between 9 and 11 p.m. after Vega told police that he “lost it.”
At 2 a.m. Sunday, Vega said he checked on the child and determined that he was alive.

Evidence seized from the Vega-Ortiz home included medication, candles, a leather belt, blood-soaked towel, the prosthetic leg, bloodstained T-shirt and a wooden stick.
Arturo Aguilar Vega Jr. and Gabriela Ortiz have a 3 year old of their own, who was found unharmed.

The couple, both of Campbell, were formally charged with capital murder Tuesday, July 19. 2011 and could face the death penalty.

During a Wednesday afternoon hearing the 196th District Court, Judge Steve Tittle appointed attorney Jack Paris Jr. to represent Ortiz and attorney Dennis Davis to represent Vega.

How depraved does someone have to be to brutalize a helpless child? What is causing this spreading epidemic of child abuse? I wish we had the answer!
The only positive thing in this whole sickening story is this crime occurred in Texas and not Florida. It’s my understanding that Texans have no use for child abusers and baby killers, and they do use the death penalty.
Arturo Aguilar Vega Jr. and Gabriela Ortiz had to have extra protection during their court appearance for the murder of this helpless child, including wearing bullet-proof vests.
We can only hope that that Brandon will receive the justice that little Caylee Anthony did not.

Please leave your thoughts on the murder of this tiny, disabled little boy Brandon Herrera, in the comment section beneath the video.