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Ame Deal, 10, suffocated to death after being tortured, then locked in a box by her ‘guardians.’ Grandmother Judith Deal, 62, Cynthia Stoltzmann, an Aunt, 44, and John and Samantha Allen, both 23, have been arrested. The Allen’s are distant cousins of Ame’s (Amy) and were babysitting the night of the alleged murder.
Approximately a dozen children were in the home when the abuse began that night, and were told to tell authorities that Ame was playing hide and seek and became trapped in the box.
The lies rapidly unfolded.
Learn more about Ame’s short, horrific life and watch the video after the jump.

Amy Deal 10, lived with relatives, including other children. By all accounts, she was the family ‘scapegoat’, allegedly because no one was sure she was biologically a family member.
She died a horrific death after being tortured, then forced inside a box that was 14 inches wide, less than 3 feet long and about a foot deep. Ame was four feet and two inches tall.
Her death on July 12, 2011, was reported as an accident after a game of hide and seek. An investigation revealed that was far from the truth, and that this little girl was a victim of long time abuse. Torture, actually.

Ame Deal received the family death penalty after she took a Popsicle from the fridge, obviously against the rules for her. After being forced in the box, it was padlocked, and the family went to bed. The temperature that day was in the triple digits.
But wait, there’s more.
According to reports:

“This child was forced to do a backbend, with her feet on the floor and her palms on the floor, for several hours. Prior to dragging the chest inside herself, standing by looking at the chest, and then forced into the chest, leaving marks on her knees where the lid was slammed shut.”

Reports indicate the abuse was ongoing, with neighbors and other family members coming forward with stories of absolute horror. They say Ame was beaten frequently with a piece of wood known as the “butt buster,” made to sleep in a bare shower stall, frequently locked in the box and had animal excrement rubbed in her face and mouth. She had to walk barefoot on pavement on the hottest of days.
Several people say that after being locked in the box, the adults would kick it, spin it around and sit on top of it while using a laptop computer.

It seems while everyone seemed to know of Ame’s abuse and the downright neglect of the other the children, no one wanted to get involved and have the ‘family’ broken up. The other children were said to have wandered the street barefoot, wearing little or nothing—-at all hours.

The children would roam the streets outside the home until the early hours and they often had little or no clothes on, sometimes wearing no diaper or shoes, they said.

A spokesman for Phoenix police, Sgt. Trent Crump, said “This child died at the hands of those who were supposed to love and care for her. This case has turned the stomachs of some of the most seasoned detectives.”

Samantha Allen and John Allen have been charged with first-degree murder after admitting (allegedly) to punishing Ame after the child took a Popsicle without permission.
Cynthia Stoltzmann and Judith Deal have been charged with child abuse and kidnapping after admitting (allegedly) they locked Ame in the box as a form of punishment.

Once again, a child has been murdered at the hands of caregivers, and I must say, by our society. Ame Deal’s death is just another shining example of how apathetic our nation and it’s citizens have become.
Where were these neighbors and relatives when this little girl was being tortured, screaming so loud that it upset them? Animals treat their offspring better!

It’s too late for Ame, but what about the other children being abused, right now as you’re reading this? Someone knows about it, yet won’t interfere. We have become a nation of cowards, afraid of offending anyone if we aren’t politically correct. And being PC, we mind our own business and look the other way.
It seems to me that too many parents and guardians are starting to view children as cockroaches, i.e., I’m not going to be concerned because another child will be along any second.
I’m sickened by the rampant child abuse in our country. There is no reason, no excuse for it.

What say you about this little girl, Ame Deal being tortured and forced in a box, left to die an agonizing death? Why didn’t anyone report the chronic abuse? Should those that knew about Ame’s (Amy) torture and chose to do nothing, be held accountable?

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section beneath the video, and check back for updates on these four ‘humans’ that caused (allegedly) such horrific suffering to this sweet little child.