Thibodaux, Louisiana

Jeremiah Lee Wright, 30, has been charged with first degree murder in the gruesome death of his seven year old son, Jori Lirette. The boy’s dismembered body was found outside the family home, located on West Seventh Street, Sunday afternoon, August 14, 2011.
Wright’s bail is set at $5 million.
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Jori Lirette was a seven year old, bright eyed, lovable little boy. He was born with cerebral palsy, confined to a wheelchair, and happily attended the second grade at South Thibodaux Elementary.
Jori’s father, Jeremiah Lee Wright, has allegedly confessed to his barbaric, gruesome murder yesterday and is in the Lafourche Parish jail.

Jesslyn Lirette, 27, is Jori’s mother. She left the boy with his father Sunday while she had her vehicle repaired. Little did she know the nightmare she would walk into when she returned home. She is currently hospitalized.
A driver spotted Jori’s head on the street in front of his home around noon, Sunday. Police arrived on scene within minutes and found the rest of the little boy’s body stuffed in white, plastic trash bags.

While not confirmed, it’s believed Wright used a meat cleaver to decapitate his son while holding him over the kitchen sink. He allegedly said he was tired of taking care of his son—-Jori had heart problems as well as a feeding tube.
Being tired of child care wasn’t the motive, however.

“He said when he put his head out by the side of the road it was so the mother would see it when she came by,” Silverii said. He said Wright’s only explanation for doing so was “just that he wanted her to feel stupid when she saw the head.”

The police chief said Jori’s feet and one hand also were cut off, recovered with the body in several white plastic garbage bags.

Ms. Lirette was so distraught she had to be hospitalized. Even seasoned officers were seen crying after viewing the horrifically violent crime scene, and special grief counselors have been made available to all that have been affected by this creature’s evil actions.

If convicted of this horrendous murder, Jeremiah Lee Wright faces life in prison. He is also eligible for the death penalty. He has a criminal past that involves drugs and violence—–no surprise, there.

Words fail me. I know how difficult it is to care for someone unable to care for themselves, but when did murdering the helpless become an option? What happened to telling someone that you’re overwhelmed? Reaching out for help?

What say you? Tell us your thoughts about Jeremiah Wright brutally murdering his precious son, dismembering him, and tossing his body in the trash like common garbage. And decapitating his son—-leaving the child’s head in the street so Mom would feel stupid? I simply can’t comprehend.

Sarcasm aside, my first thoughts went to praying whatever jury this case goes in front of, does not remotely resemble any jury member from Pinellas County, Florida. I shudder to think this man could go free.

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