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Christopher Redd, 27, was fired from his job as a grave digger and could face misdemeanor charges of desecration of venerated objects, after callously singing and dancing on a grave at Memorial Gardens. He defends his heartless antics by pointing out the grave / burial vault was empty at the time.
Learn more about Redd and watch the video, after the jump.

Using a shovel to simulate guitar playing, Christopher Redd, of Clifton, Colorado “sang” and danced on a burial vault being prepared for a funeral the following day. The tacky incident took place at the Memorial Gardens on July 23, of this year.

Redd apparently was trying to win tickets to a rock concert in a contest, but failed to fulfill the requirement of posting the video to You Tube. He mentions on his Facebook page that he was having trouble figuring out how to upload the video.

The burial worker claims that in the video he was standing on an empty vault that was to be filled with a coffin the next day and his immediate boss gave him permission to record the video, but he was fired anyway. The cemetery denies giving any permission to Redd.

Permission or not, it was a thoughtless, heartless and trashy thing to do. The number of people that find his behavior hilarious is astounding! There’s a time and place for everything, but dancing on a grave, empty or not, is reprehensible. How would you feel about laying your loved one to rest in a place that condoned such actions?
Sure, we’ve all heard about, or perhaps even said we wanted to dance on someone’s grave—-a sign of complete, disgusting disrespect toward someone that has caused us much angst in our life at some point. But do we? No. Sometimes we breathe a sigh of relief, and sometimes we despair that the object of our anger has been taken from us. It’s still wrong and completely unacceptable from where I sit!
When, how, did our society become so jaded?

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident and will decide soon on whether or not to charge Redd.

An obituary handed to deputies indicates a woman was buried at the cemetery in the late morning of July 23. A spokesman for Memorial Gardens would not comment on whether the woman had been buried prior to when the video was filmed.

Meanwhile, Christopher has obtained his ’15 minutes’ of infamy—his video is all over the web.

What say you about this young man, Christopher Redd the grave digger, that decided to dance on someone’s grave / burial vault for the slight chance he might win tickets to something? Had he done this on a plot he owned, I still wouldn’t like it, but showing such disrespect to someone else and their loved one’s simply was not necessary. It was wrong, plain and simple.

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