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A 46 year old man committed suicide in York County, Virginia today, shortly after being involved in a “domestic dispute” with his ex-wife.
The deceased is not being named pending notification of survivors.
Deputies and firefighters were unable to stop the man from decapitating himself.

Learn more about this gruesome suicide after the jump.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call this morning, Tuesday, August 30, 2011 in the 100 block of Nathan Place. The call came in at 10:09 AM but the man had left the residence by the time they arrived.
A short time later, officials noticed a utility trailer on fire next to the entrance to Nathan Place.

When firefighters and police got closer, they observed the trailer was being towed by a white Ford Explorer. A fireman then noticed a cable attached to a tree, and wrapped around the driver’s neck.

Deputies and firemen tried to get the despondent man to exit the vehicle—-he accelerated at a rapid speed instead. The cable pulled then pulled him through the SUV, decapitating him, and didn’t come to a stop until 150 yards further down Holmes Boulevard.

The young man had been living in Chicago, and allegedly spent last night with his ex-wife. No reason for the dispute between to two has been released yet, and his identity will be protected until all next of kin have been informed of this tragic turn of events.

I have no words, other than to offer condolences to those that love this man, and also to those deputies and firefighters that were forced to witness this man decapitate himself—–in a truly gruesome suicide.

What say you? Is anything ever that bad, so awful, that you can’t see 5 minutes into the future and wait to calm down? I find suicide selfish and cowardly, yet can’t help but feel sorrow at knowing that some people can’t handle being on this earth for one more second.
Times are hard, but we must never lose hope that improvement might just come with your next breath.

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