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Henry Junius Segura ,31, has been hiding in plain sight since the murders of his girlfriend, Brandi Peters, her 6 year old twin daughters, Tamiyah and Taniyah Peters and the couple’s 3 year old son, Javonte Segura in November of 2010.
The multiple, brutal slayings took place in Tallahassee, Florida and Segura disappeared shortly after.
He was arrested yesterday, September 2, 2011, without incident.
Read more about the alleged cold-hearted murderer and watch the video after the jump.

It took almost a year, but the law finally caught up with Henry Segura on September 2, 2011. He was arrested in a small Minnesota town, population 700, on what would have been the murdered twins seventh birthday.
Segura has eight (8) arrests under his belt, domestic battery and battery of a pregnant woman among them.

Segura had a job and was renting a basement apartment at the time of his arrest. Police are not saying what led them to Henry Segura, but noted he had been under surveillance for a about a month.
The murders of Brandi Peters and her three children shocked their neighborhood and community to its core. Outrage was palpable, and some believed police were not really concerned with capturing the killer.

Segura was indicted by a Leon County grand jury on Thursday. Four first degree murder warrants were handed down, and Florida does have the death penalty.

Le Sueur County Sheriff Tom Doherty reports that on Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 6:20 am Officers from the Le Sueur County Sheriff Office, Tallahassee Florida Police Department, and the United States Marshal Service arrested Henry Junius Segura age 31, at his residence located at Lake Jefferson, in rural Elysian Township without incident.

Segura, who is previously resided in the Tallahassee, Florida area, has been living and working in the Le Sueur County area for approx. one month and he has been charged in Florida with 4 counts of Capital Murder, in which it is alleged that Segura murdered Brandi Peters and her three children.

Segura will be held in the Le Sueur County Jail pending an Extradition Hearing and will eventually be returned to Tallahassee, Florida to face the charges.

Police have yet to publicly reveal how the family was killed, but one can surmise it was brutal from the following statement.

Deputy Chief Steward said, “In my 23 years of law enforcement, I’ve never had to deal with a more disturbing and emotional crime. The Tallahassee Police Department will not rest until we have justice for Brandi and her family.”

The motive for the murders has not been released, but Brandi Peters had recently been in court attempting to get child support from the twins father.
Antonio L. Anthony is the girl’s father and has quite a criminal history. Peters was seeking back support of over $22,000. Anthony, however was cleared. Javonte’s father, Henry Segura, had been ordered in August of 2010 to pay $744.00 a month child support as well as roughly $20,000 retroactively.
Someone obviously thought money was more important than life, or so it would seem.

Henry J. Segura allegedly murdered his girlfriend and three small children believing he could get away with it. He now sits behind bars in Minnesota, awaiting extradition.

What say you about Segura and his callous, heinous actions? Just how does one go about murdering anyone, let alone tiny, sweet children?
If guilty, I hope he receives the death penalty—-however, with him facing trial in Florida, I fear the jury will slap him on the hand and give him a parking ticket.
Sorry—but after the Casey Anthony verdict, I’m jaded when it comes to Florida and juries.

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