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Michelle Le is a 26 year old nursing student and was doing her clinical rotations at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Hayward, CA., when she vanished on Friday, May 27, 2011. Her classmates say she had returned to her car, parked in the hospital parking lot, to retrieve something. She has not been seen since.
The Le family immediately offered a $100,000 reward for Michelle’s safe return or information leading to her safe return.
Just over three months later, police announced they have finally made an arrest.

Giselle Diwag Esteban, 27, was arrested Wednesday, September 7, 2011. She is suspected of murdering Michelle Le, although Le’s body has not been found.

Learn more about this tragic loss of a brilliant young nursing student and watch the video, after the jump.

Michelle Le joined the ever growing list of young women who mysteriously vanish on May 27, 2011. Even with a $100,000 reward, extensive media coverage and never ending searches, it took three months before an arrest was made.
Giselle Diwag Esteban, a former High School friend of Michelle’s had been viewed as a person of interest for some time and her arrest didn’t surprise many.

The evening Michelle disappeared, she had planned to meet a friend at a coffee shop and head to Reno for the weekend. She never made it to either place, and police found her car a few blocks from the hospital. Friends and family knew right away something was wrong.

Giselle Esteban and Michelle Le had been friends for many years, and some say Le was dating Esteban’s former boyfriend. The boyfriend, who just happens to be the father of Esteban’s child, had filed a restraining order against Giselle three days before Michelle vanished.
Esteban is alleged to be at least seven months pregnant at this time.

Giselle Esteban has a documented history of violent behavior. The former boyfriend has custody of their little girl and filed the restraining order to prevent future violence.

Cole Gabaldon, a former boyfriend who lives in San Diego, had told the press Esteban was quick to anger when interviewed back in June.
“She has a really really short temper and when she flies off the handle she really flies off the handle,” said Gabaldon. “She got up and had a leg on either side of me. She sat on my chest and she was strangling me.”
One notable case is the restraining order filed against her by Scott Marasigan, the father of Esteban’s child, on May 24, which was three days before Le was last seen. According to records, the order was filed to prevent domestic violence.

Esteban’s car was seen in security video in the parking garage before and after Le’s arrival, and Hayward police as well as the FBI were able to track Le’s and Esteban’s phones, which showed the same time frame and path in the hours following the young nursing student’s disappearance.
Police believe Le was initially assaulted and murdered there.

Police believe Esteban, a former high school friend of Le, killed the nursing student in a Hayward parking garage where Le disappeared on May 27.

Naturally, without a body, Le’s family is refusing to give up hope. I doubt any of us would, either.

Le’s family made a statement following the arrest, saying that Esteban, who’s been a suspect since May, “dragged this out longer than it had to go,” and that their “primary concern was and is and always will be to find Michelle and bring her home with us.”

Hopefully, if responsible, Esteban will give the family the answers they need. They deserve their daughter, sister, or niece back, regardless of the circumstances.

Giselle Esteban has been free to do whatever she wanted for months now, and has had ample time to dispose of evidence, move the body or do anything else to insure a good defense for herself. Our judicial system really needs to start focusing on victim’s and their families, instead of criminal “rights.” We should all be so fortunate to have the same protection our system offers to the most heinous individuals among us.

Esteban’s arraignment is scheduled for today, Thursday afternoon September 8, 2011, in the Hayward Hall of Justice.

What say you about the arrest of Giselle Diwag Esteban for the murder of nursing student Michelle Le? Please leave your thoughts and theories in the comment section beneath the video. The video, by the way, offers a great deal of information.