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Cyndy Short, a local attorney representing Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, the parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin, has allegedly been “forced” off the bizarre case.
Sources say a disagreement with lead attorney, Joe Tacopina led to the removal of Ms. Short.

Short was hesitant about allowing Lisa’s two brothers, ages 5 and 8, to be interviewed again, but had also said she would conduct a room by room walk through of the Bradley / Irwin home for the news media.
Both parents, as well as Ms. Short, felt the brothers, who were interviewed early in the investigation, had been put through enough and had nothing else to add to the ongoing saga of their kidnapped sister.

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Baby Lisa Irwin’s 2 brothers, 8 and 5 years old, were interviewed / questioned by the police shortly after the alleged abduction of their then ten month old sister. It’s widely believed that at least one brother heard unfamiliar noises the night Lisa vanished.

Jeremy Irwin arrived home around 4:00 AM local time on October 4, 2011, to find his infant daughter missing from her crib. The house was unlocked, all the lights were on, a screen in Lisa’s room appeared dented and 3 cell phones were missing. Irwin had just completed his first night shift job as an electrician.

Jeremy awakened Lisa’s mother, Deborah Bradley and they did a quick search of the home, then immediately called 911 to report their daughter had bee kidnapped from her crib.
Although no persons of interest or suspects have been named at this point, Deborah Bradley has been treated as such since the end of the first week.

Bradley acknowledged she failed a lie detector test, and admitted to being drunk—perhaps in a black-out, the night baby Lisa went missing. She changed the time-line of what happened and when, and has been evasive when questioned.
An anonymous benefactor hired a private investigator, “Wild” Bill Stanton and put up a $100,000 reward. Joe Tacopina, prominent east coast attorney, was hired to defend and protect the rights of baby Lisa’s parents. Tacopina allegedly removed Cyndy Short as the attorney for Lisa Irwin’s family. None of this is confirmed at this time.
It’s believed the two brothers will be re-interviewed next week.

Most people have been trying very hard to give Deborah Bradley the benefit of the doubt, but that appears to have changed now. People simply can’t understand why the parent’s seem to be stone-walling the case. Perhaps they are worn out from being viewed as suspects by the authorities. Maybe they think their tactics will force police to concentrate more on the mystery man carrying a diapered baby in the middle of a very cold night—-seen by 3 witnesses and also on video-tape 2 miles away, at a service station.
Regardless, most folks are now more suspicious of the couple than before. Exactly who knows what?
It was widely believed the two half brothers of Lisa would provide more information in a new interview—-conducted away from police and both parents.
An explanation for the postponement of today’s interview has yet to be revealed.

Police talked to the boys after their sister, Lisa, was reported missing Oct. 4 but say Bradley and Irwin haven’t allowed them to interview the boys since. The boys are the couple’s sons from previous relationships.

It’s being reported that Ms. Short quit as the local attorney, but other sources say Joe Tacopina fired her.

News of Short’s firing came hours after Joe Tacopina, the New York attorney representing Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, abruptly canceled an interview that was supposed to take place with baby Lisa’s siblings. The two boys were scheduled to be interviewed by a child expert on Friday. Deborah Bradley has said the boys were inside the home the night baby Lisa disappeared.

Tacopina said he would call police next week and reschedule the interview.

The only absolute in this mystifying case is that Lisa Irwin has vanished. This coming Monday will mark 4 weeks since the little girl went missing, was kidnapped or met her demise.
There’s so many questions, and no answers forthcoming from any direction.

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Keep in mind, no one is a suspect, and no charges have been filed, so everyone is innocent at this point.