Rockdale, Georgia,

Kenneth Lodge, of Rockdale Georgia landed behind bars for daring to do what so many of us have only dreamed about. He fought back against the damnable telemarketers and bill collector’s that are relentless in their pursuit of of destroying a person’s peace of mind. Along with their dinner, etc.

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I was delighted last night when I ran across the story of Kenneth Lodge fighting back against telemarketers—-until I got to the part where he landed in jail for doing what “they” do.
I had hoped to learn a new way to defeat these insidious creatures that make life hell, for those of us that enjoy and deserve peace and quiet.
No so fast, JoAnne!

Kenneth Lodge not only went to Rockdale County jail, he has more than $6,000 in legal fees, all for calling a certain place non-stop one day. He called Southern Home Rental numerous times, using three different phones, and called them demanding to speak to James Crouch.
The rental company had been calling Lodge non-stop since last February, asking for James Crouch. He was unable to convince them he had no idea who this person Crouch was.

Lodge offered to send certified proof of who he was, along with his phone bill, if Southern Home Rental provided him with a correct address, which no one seemed to know.
The rental company, angered at the daylong, annoying calls, called 911 and said Kenneth Lodged threatened them with a bomb. Lodge denies any threats and said he told them with every call he was Kenneth Lodge and wanted to speak with James Crouch. Of course the company said Crouch wasn’t there and to stop calling, at which point Lodge tried to explain that was his predicament also, and the furniture company refused to believe him.
You can’t make this stuff up!

Lodge reached his breaking point.

“A bully will push you around and push you around until one day you beat his butt. Well, that day I was the bully, and I got tired, but I got arrested,” he said.

“I started calling them, and I called them and called them and called them until they started saying, ‘Will you please stop calling here.’”
Lodge said he picked up multiple phones and started calling repeatedly. He kept at it for an entire day.
“At one time I had three phones to my ear asking for James Crouch. I want to speak to James Crouch and they asked me if I was crazy. I said, ‘No, I’m just tired, tired of you calling.”

And there’s this:

“Never threatened anybody. I promised them I would call them all day and I did,” he said. “I introduced myself to them every time I called. I said, ‘I am Kenneth Lodge and I want to speak with James Crouch.’ They said, ‘James Crouch don’t work here.’ I said, ‘I don’t believe it, cause you didn’t believe it when you kept calling my house.’

I can really identify with Kenneth Lodge. My phone company changed this year and I have a new number for the first time in decades. Before I could make my first call, or give ANYONE my number, I started receiving bill collector calls and telemarketer calls. At the end of the day, I was worn out.
The next day, instead of letting the machine answer, I opted to try to talk things over with a human. Never happened. The bill collector’s number was answered by a robot that needed my name and address before allowing me to speak with a human. That didn’t sit well with me—-at all.
I continued receiving calls for this unknown person—-from different places, and now keep my phone unplugged for the most part.
Can you imagine being threatened over the phone by someone that won’t allow you to explain that you’re not who they’re after? Can you even begin to make sense as to why they need my personal data before talking to me? I’ve done nothing wrong—-yet can’t get any rest because of the non-stop harassment.
I had such high hopes when I learned that Mr. Lodge had turned the tables—-now, not so much. But I wish him well, and I hope the business harassing him closes down.

What do you think? Is there any valid reason for telemarketers to exist? I certainly understand bill collector’s, especially in this day and age, but shouldn’t they be forced to deal with the person they’re after and not some innocent old lady? And why can’t they be kinder?
No one grows up saying “oh gee, think I’ll be a deadbeat.”

Please leave your thoughts on the scourge of society—i.e. telemarketers and bill collectors, in the comment section beneath the video.
C’mon folks—there must be a solution. The do not call registry doesn’t really work, and now we have to deal with robots—-hateful, nasty, threatening robots!
Help! Someone find a way to stop these calls, please!