Westland, Michigan

Bianca Lane, 2, daughter of Banika Jones, 32, and D’Andre Lane, 32, was last seen in her car seat in the back of her father’s Grand Marquis around 9:45 AM Friday morning December 2, 2011.
Lane said he was driving his 2004 silver Grand Marquis that morning and was carjacked—–when two men in a red, ‘boxy’ type car yelled that his brake lights were out. Naturally, he pulled over to check.

He said that was when one of the men took off with his car and Bianca. The car was recovered—–still running about 10 minutes later, but Bianca was nowhere to be found.

Red flags began popping up immediately and today, Tuesday December 13, 2011, police have a requested a warrant, for an as yet “unnamed” person.
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When D’Andre / DeAndre Lane first reported the carjacking, police launched a massive search for the missing toddler, Bianca, affectionately nicknamed “Bacon.”
Even thought the story didn’t ring quite true, authorities stood by the parents and said they were extremely cooperative.

D’Andre Lane failed a polygraph, and went on national news—-offering to take another. His attorney mentioned the tremendous stress a parent undergoes during times like this.
Descriptions were released, and a reward now stands at over $23,500.

Police say their suspect is a black male, 25-30 years old with a medium complexion and about 6-feet tall at 190 pounds. He’s wearing a black shirt, black pants and has a 5 o’clock shadow. He also has a brown and black baseball-style hat. Bianca was wearing a purple jacket with gold trim, pink tights and pink shoes. She’s described as being 2-foot-5, 25 pounds and having a light complexion.

Anyone with information is asked to call (313) 596-1340 or Crime Stoppers at (800) Speak-Up.

Police have had very little information to work with, and it was announced today that a warrant for an as-yet-identified person had been requested by the prosecutor’s office.
This follows confirmation of a cadaver dog’s hit on decomposition yesterday, Monday, December 12, 2011.

Dogs signaled possible decomposition during a raid of D’Andre Lane’s home and on or near Bianca Jones’ car seat in his vehicle. Lane had claimed that Bianca was in his Mercury Marquis when he was carjacked on December 2, but she was gone when the car was found.

WDIV also reported that evidence uncovered during the search for Bianca has led authorities to believe she is likely dead.

Some reports indicate that Lane’s attorney has stated he knows the warrant is for his client.

While authorities have not released who the warrant request was issued for, law enforcement has said that they do not believe D’Andre Lane’s story. They also say Bianca’s mom, Banika Jones, is not under any suspicion.

More than a 1000 people have been searching for Bianca Jones, and the search has now been turned into a recovery mission.

Although the little girl is still missing, sources said the search for her has turned from a rescue to a recovery effort. Organized police and volunteer efforts ended Sunday.

It seems there’s one heart-breaking story after another these days—-almost all involving helpless, vulnerable children.
I can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel anymore, and that is horrifying to me.

It’s sickening enough to lose a precious child to a stranger, but when parents start viewing their offspring as disposable items, it’s truly frightening.

What say you? Do you have any thoughts or theories on this ever growing problem of child-abuse, murder? Is a viable solution available?
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As always, remember we’re all innocent until proven otherwise.