Allentown, Pennsylvania

Candace Watts and Brandon Bishop waived their rights to a preliminary hearing on child abuse charges last August, 2011.
The couple decided to marry a few days before their arrest, instead. Brandon, Kamryn Hummel’s brand new step-daddy had been charged with child abuse and attempted murder. Bio-mom Candace was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.
With a plea deal in the works, Brandon Bishops’s sentencing is set for January 25 of 2012, and bio-mom will allegedly testify against him. He faces twenty (20) short years behind bars.
Bishop’s bail was set at $300, 000 for the barbaric and sadistic attacks on the toddler.

Learn more about this ‘tough’ guy and the reason for his behavior, after the jump.
Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you find out “oh-no you-haven’t!”

The violence inflicted on tiny tot Kamryn Hummel began as soon as bio-mom moved boyfriend Brandon Bishop in with her and the child, in March of 2011. The attacks occurred over a 3 month period and one of Kamryn’s Aunts reported seeing the little girl limping—-with clumps of hair missing from her scalp.

Ready for his reason?
Take your blood pressure medicine and grab a scotch. ( or coffee / comfort beverage)
Bishop felt Kamryn was a spoiled princess and needed to be toughened up!
For some reason, I’ve always believed ALL little children should have their days of being treated like spoiled princes and princesses!

To make matters worse, Candace Watts, the woman that gave this child life, knew of the abuse and did nothing to stop it. Not a thing. She opted to marry this brutal ‘stranger’ that almost killed her daughter instead! Breaking her tiny bones, kicking her crotch, etc.
I’m left shaking my head and muttering under my breath ” what the****!”

Twenty-five-year-old Brandon Bishop pleaded guilty Wednesday (December 15, 2011) to aggravated assault for a series of assaults between March and May, in which he punched and kicked the toddler.
Officers who interviewed Bishop say he told them he beat the girl to make her tougher.

Mom Candace Watts knew, and obviously condoned the brutality!

The girl’s mother pleaded guilty Wednesday to child endangerment and agreed to testify at Bishop’s Jan. 25 sentencing.

Wonder what kind of plea deal she received!
Meanwhie, Kamryn Hummel is in her father Nicholas Hummel’s custody and is said to be doing well, but asks many questions (as do all 2 year old children—-princesses or not.)

Hummel said she asks a lot of questions about why this happened to her. He said he doesn’t know what to tell her.

The family is trying to help her heal.

“She’s doing well right now,” said Hummel. “She’s running around playing like a normal kid.”
Hummel said he’s talking about what happened to his daughter in the hopes it will inspire others to help.
“If you suspect any kind of child abuse, or even abuse from your boyfriend or girlfriend, you need to speak up and get help because nothing good will ever come out of it,” said Hummel.

Seriously, how do you answer questions like this? How do you explain that your own mother is so terrified to be without a man that she would literally sacrifice your little life to have a man next to her at night?

I have to admit—-I’m at a loss when it comes to trying to explain these things. There’s no greater treasure than the gift of a child, yet almost hourly, we hear of parents that will do anything to keep a partner in their pathetic life!

What say you? Please, feel free to offer your two cents, your thoughts and theories on why our children have now become disposable objects and not people?
This is an urgent problem that needs a solution—-yesterday!
How does a grown man look at a tiny girl /princess, and want to toughen her up? Isn’t the world already hard enough?

What do you think should happen to Candace Watts and Brandon Bishop for their heinous actions against this helpless toddler, Kamryn?
Can’t help but wonder how “tough” either of these miscreants will end up being!