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Dan Shaw is an expert on energy vortexes. He demonstrates to Buddy and Mac how a simple device known as a ′Golden Vortex′ with just three aligned magnets can alter perception. With the device placed between them, Buddy actually looks taller and thinner to Mac. Brad Meltzer steps in to describe how the camera crew experienced all sorts of problems due to Shaw′s vortex simulator. How even the electronic camera showed Buddy taller and Mac to appear shorter. Shaw says that people react differently when they encounter a vortex, either psychically or even physically.

Scott chats with Alaskan native Ethan Pettigrew about ancient legends in Alaska. How several tribes believe in creatures like Bigfoot. One tribe accounted for their frequently vanishing members to an evil being called Kushtaka, who steals souls. Pettigrew says that Kushtaka was a shape-shifting being who lures his victims before capturing them. The team then talks with an expert in Alaskan search and rescue, Bill Romberg. He describes how he has heard a strange buzzing sound at times. Could he have been hearing an energy vortex?

At the end of this week′s episode on the History Channel of Brad Meltzer′s Decoded, the team discuss the Alaska Triangle and Devil′s Graveyard. As pointed out by Romberg, the Alaskan Triangle of Anchorage to Juneau to Barrow is the most populated region of this vast, wild land. So the odds are most vanishings will take place there anyway. While there may be unexplained phenomena involved in some cases, Buddy believes that the basic nature of the average Alaskan, more daring and adventurous than an average American, means that they are more inclined to take risks, not always ending with good results.