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This could become one of the largest baby food recalls since the big scare last year over insect parts being discovered in containers of Similac. That product is still under some scrutiny due to recent reports of Similac being too sugary, as well as a study by Dartmouth College about arsenic in our food supply from the use of brown rice syrup. Similac denies that they use brown rice syrup in their products. The presence of high sugar levels, however, is another issue that may have some validity. But then a very wide range of food products are said to contain too much sugar, which is often added not only as a sweetener, but also as a food preservative to extend the shelf life of a food product.

For now, if you use a powdered infant formula to feed your baby, then check to see if it is the Gerber Company brand Good Start Gentle. If you do have a 23.2 ounce plastic container of such, check the product code and expiration date to see if they match with Batch GXP1684, March 5, 2013. If you have such, be advised that the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, has issued a baby food recall notice on that particular product. Call Gerber at 1-800-487-7763 for getting a replacement. The FDA says that there are no safety risks, but something is giving off an odor and there are some reports of gastrointestinal problems according to the Parents Resource Center. Consult your physician or seek out a gastroenterology expert about the effects of using this infant formula.