Melissa Huckaby, charged with the rape and murder of 8 year old Sandra Cantu faces new charges today. Mary Kay Letourneau, convicted child rapist, continues to make a mockery of our judicial system. Read about them here.

Remember Mary Kay Letourneau? She was born January 30, 1962, grew up, married, became a school teacher and was convicted for the statutory rape of Vili Fualaau, born June 26, 1983. The relationship started when he was 12 and she, 34.

Mary Kay was arrested in 1997 and given a slap on the wrist, which led to her being caught with Vili yet again a few months later. She subsequently served a 7 year prison term, was released, and married Vili. They have 2 children. If you recall, Mary Kay Letourneau had a husband and 4 other children that she left when all this started.

I have long been disgusted with Ms. Letourneau’s behavior. What she refers to as *true love*, I refer to as unhealthy obsession. I didn’t think there was anything else this person and her boy toy could do to disgust me, but I was wrong. Very wrong.

As it turns out, Mary Kay and Vili Fualaau have been hosting a “Hot for Teacher” night at a Seattle, Washington bar.
The owner of Fuel Sports Ears & Beats bar, Mike Morris says this lunacy “is all in fun, and he hopes people take it in the right spirit.”

There is nothing fun or funny about an adult having sex with a child—–EVER. If you think it is funny, I feel sorry for you, sorry that your lives are so empty and useless that you have to turn to something this sordid.

Keep in mind that Ms. Letourneau first became attracted to Vili when she was a teacher and he was in second grade. It matters not that they are 47 and 26 now.

Pedophilia has been on the rise in this country for the past 2 decades. Recently we were introduced to Melissa Huckaby, a former Sunday school teacher who is now charged with the rape and murder of 8 year old Sandra Cantu this past March. The average persons reaction was “oh no..not a woman, there must have been a man involved, this is so rare”, yada, yada.

Women pedophiles are not that rare…think about it, look back over the past few years. They seem to be coming out of the wood work.

Today, Melissa Huckaby faces additional charges of poisoning 2 people. One is a 7 year old girl, the other a grown man. It is speculated the poisoning of this child in January was a dry run leading up to the abduction, rape and murder of little Sandra Cantu.

And now, a Seattle bar is cashing in on the sensationalism of the Letourneau case, totally forgetting that Vili Fualaau was a victimized child.
What in the name of God and all that’s Holy is wrong with you people on the west coast?
Our acceptance of something like this is the direct result of liberal brainwashing.

Your thoughts?