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Spokesperson for the state attorney’s office Terry Shavez said Weinman faces 158 years in state prison if convicted on all counts. Fierce debates have sprung up on the internet about whether or not this arrest is fair. Friends of Weinman say he is a pet lover and have set up a Facebook page in his support, Justice for Tyler, reminding people that he is innocent until proven guilty. Another Facebook page has been set up, Justice for Cat Mutilations. Both sides of the debate are fierce in their stances. Fortunately, we have courts of law that will decide his guilt or innocence.

It’s my fervent hope that if he is convicted, he receives the full sentence. I don’t know what makes a person this sadistic, this perverse, and frankly, I don’t give a damn. Can you even imagine going into your own yard and finding your own pet skinned and dead? Can you imagine your child seeing their pet this way? Can you imagine the horrific suffering these cats went through? I get nauseous and tearful just writing about it.

If guilty of the mutilation, torture and murder of these 19 cats, Tyler Hayes Weinman should never see the light of day again. It is a proven fact that animal abusers end up abusing humans eventually. It’s only a matter of time before they go on to bigger and better ‘game’. Animal abusers are like pedophiles in that they cannot be cured, nor do they want to be. They delight in inflicting pain on the weakest and most vulnerable in society. If I ruled the world, child and animal abusers would receive the death penalty. They have no place in society, and my tax dollars toward incarceration would be better spent elsewhere …. like studying the mating habits of drunken piss ants..

Please spare me the “it’s only a cat/animal” rhetoric. We are talking about living defenseless creatures here. They feel love, fear, pain. They deserve better than this, and it’s up to us to see that animal abuse stops. Harsh sentences would be a good start.

Your thoughts?

Tyler Hayes Weinman – Video

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