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Terry Nichols is claiming that the Colorado prison system is forcing him to “sin against God” since he feels he isn’t getting enough fresh foods, whole grain and all that other stuff unavailable to those that are no longer here as a result of the Oklahoma City bombing.

I’m glad that Terry Nichols found God, even though as far as I know, God was never lost. However, this lawsuit is ridiculous. He’s in prison for punitive reasons, not to change his diet.

Does anyone remember rescue worker Chris Fields carrying mortally wounded baby Baylee Almon from the carnage? A picture of that in his cell should be enough to make him grateful he receives another breath, let alone food.

I think this is just a cry for attention on Terry Nichols part. Your diet is not a “sin against God”, and I hope with all my heart his request his thrown out.

What are your thoughts? Should Terry Nichols receive legal aid for his diet?