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John Mullarkey

John Mullarkey

After almost 2 years and days after trial began for John Mullarkey he was found guilty of first degree murder. Mullarkey has been sentenced to life in prision.

On August 15, 2007 Mullarkey showed up at Demi Cuccia’s home in an attempt to reconcile their relationship. That meeting turned into a brutal slaying of Demi, whom had celebrated her 16th birthday the day before the attack. After stabbing Cuccia 16 times Mullarkey attempted to kill himself by slitting his throat with the same knife he killed his girlfriend with. Mullarkey survived his suicide attempt.

Trial began for Mullarkey on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 and lasted through the end of the week. Court was back in session Monday, June 29, 2009 for a verdict.

Mullarkey’s attorney Robert Stewart presented to the court Mullarkey was taking the acne medication Accutane. He pleaded the medication, which has been pulled off the market, played a factor in Mullarkey not being in the right state of mind and the attack was not premeditated. Stewart attempted to get the judge to grant a mistrial, that motion was denied.

Autopsy results showed that even though Cuccia was stabbed 16 times, it was a stab to her left shoulder severing an artery which killed her.

It took jurors less than 2 hours to come to their verdict. Mullarkey is guilty of first degree murder. He will now serve life in prison with no parole.

Mullarkey’s attorney has stated he will appeal in part of the judge refusing to grant the mistrial.

Allegheny County Deputy District Attorney Mark Tranquilli rejected claims the acne medication Accutane had anything to do with the case. He also stated premeditation can be formed in an instant, let alone while stabbing someone 16 times.

Demi’s family left in tears. Though nothing will bring their beloved Demi back to them they feel justice has finally been served and they are very satisfied with the outcome of this trial.

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