62 Responses to “Pet Python Strangles Girl: Snake Kills Baby, Burmese Python Attack”

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    joseph Says:

    the snake should have been in a locked enclosure. not just a cage..

  2. 2
    Richard Says:

    You say, “When are people going to realize that having these types of pets is not a good idea unless you have the facilities and resources to properly care for the animal?

    I’d suggest that this tragic story makes it clear that having these types of pets is not a good idea, PERIOD.

  3. 3
    Ryan Says:

    What I meant was that unless it is a licensed facility people should not keep these types of animals. That’s what I meant.

  4. 4
    beth Says:

    Well – people shouldn’t have them unless they do have the proper facilities and resources. That makes sense to me. They have to be put in containers that they can’t get out of, period.

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    Joe Says:

    Two things: one where was the mother and these two guy one can only speculate.The mother and the owner should be held resposible .
    The average ‘shmuck’ shouldnt be allowed to own animals like this permit or no permit.Law needs to pass through all 50 states, snakes of these perportions shouldn’t be allowed in any home,(especially where children are living).

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    Puppatoons Says:

    I’ve worked with snakes for years, and I agree–the average schmuck should not be allowed to have them, and I think the cost of a permit should be MUCH higher.
    I’ve also read that the mother had several other children who were also living in the house. Women, if you’re determined to be single moms and are going to keep on moving in with boyfriends(there’s plenty of news stories about the boyfriends killing the kids, too), at LEAST make sure the guy doesn’t have pets that will kill your children as you make your little love nest!

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    Anthony Says:

    I own many of these animals and the fact of the matter is white trash idiots just make bad publicity for the rest of us who actually take the care these animals need and understand proper housing requirements. 9 times out of 10 when you hear stories of these tragedies 1. Its in Florida. and 2. The housing was an aquarium of sorts with say a brick holding the top on. The mother of the child and the boyfriend should be charged to the fullest extent of the law and made an example of to deter more foolish people. The cost of the license is not going to change anything however if the fish and game department is taking the time to make people attain permits they should also be required to take a basic exam proving there knowledge and skills before issuing them.

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    justice Says:

    OMG never under esmate wild life there not meet to be a pet any ways . i think the guy who owned the snake should be held resposible for the little girls death. why would you even let something live in your home that you know could do harm to your kids ? my heart go’s out to the little girl and her family omg what a mess !!! scary:(

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    Sabrina Says:


    If you don’t want your pet
    snake to eat your toddler. Maybe you should feed it once in a while and
    put it in a secured environment where it is actually comfortable…

    not the snakes fault for their wild instincts to start kicking in,
    atempting to stay alive when it is being neglected and starved.

    You are the reason why they are trying to make exotic animals illegal to have as pets.

    way to ruin it for all of us.

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