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Marcus Berry Sr

Marcus Berry is a twice convicted child molester, with convictions in 1986 and 1993. He entered the prison system in November of 1993 after being sentenced to 30 years for the molestation of a child. Due to the earned credit system, where convicts receive time off their sentence for good behavior, he was released after a month shy of 13 years. Berry became a free man on Oct. 3, 2006 and was placed on the sex offender registry.

Marcus Berry was arrested again this past Wednesday night when two alert police officers out patrolling a remote area happened to notice his pick-up truck. They were unaware at the time that a child was missing, it simply seemed odd to them to see the truck where it was. After approaching the truck, they discovered Berry with his pants down and the two year old partially clothed.
In their police report it states that Berry shouted “Kill me. Just f—— kill me now!”
Quite frankly I wonder how they refrained from doing so. One officer handcuffed Berry, the other scooped the child up in her arms.

Moments later, they heard the call about a kidnapped child matching the description of the toddler they just rescued. She had been taken from her gated front yard.

Representative Rex Duncan of Oklahoma now plans to do something about this catch and release syndrome we seem to have with pedophiles.

Representative Rex Duncan plans to introduce legislation that would allow the death penalty for sentencing if someone is convicted of a sex crime involving children more than once. The announcement comes on the heels of the arrest of Marcus Berry, Senior, a two-time sex offender who avoided jail time despite being accused of failing to register.
Records also show that Berry has been charged with violating the sex-offender registration law twice since he was released from prison in 2006. A jury acquitted him of the first charge based on his defense of being homeless and therefore unable to register an address. He was convicted of the second charge and sentenced in July 2008 to two years of probation.

In my opinion this is one of the better and more realistic idea’s for dealing with pedophiles. It has been proven time and again that no matter how hard anyone tries, pedophiles cannot be cured, or fixed….ask them and they will admit they do not want to be.
Marcus Berry has been charged with kidnapping and lewd molestation of a minor child again and is being held on a million dollar bail. While he faces life if convicted, do you honestly think he will serve that sentence?

Our society cannot keep catching and releasing these people. They have organized and are demanding civil rights, comparing themselves to the gay movement. They think they are *born this way*. I believe that is but one of a litany of excuses. Their constant mantra is ‘we love children”. Were that true, there would be no raping and sexual exploitation of our children. There would be no child/kiddie porn, or a market for it. They would be giving their lives to save a child from harm, as would most of us.

We need a solution. Our children need rights more than these criminals, and I think we should get behind any legislation that has protecting children as it’s goal. We need to overhaul our sex offender registries, eliminate those that truly do not belong on it, and concentrate on closing the loopholes on those that do.

What are your thoughts? And no, one gun, one bullet = no problem is not a viable solution.