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emily sander

Emily Sander aka Zoey Zane

Below you will find more to the story of Zoey Zane and find out more of the evidence that got Israel Mireles accused of the murder of Emily Sander.

Emily Sander was seen leaving a bar with Israel Mireles on the night she disappeared. Israel Mireles was the last person she was seen with. Her body was found about fifty miles east of El Dorado six days later. Israel Mireles is being charged with capital murder, rape and aggravated criminal sodomy. Part of the extradition agreement with Mexico insures that Mirles will not face the death penalty.

According to the FoxNews story, here:

Mireles, who was extradited from Mexico in June, is charged with capital murder, rape and aggravated criminal sodomy. If the judge finds sufficient probable cause to take the case to trial, Mireles would then enter a plea to the charges and a trial date will be set.

The search for Sander got national attention after it was revealed that she led a secret life as an Internet model who went by the name Zoey Zane.

The evidence against Mireles began to appear when the owner of an El Dorado found “A lot of blood” in a hotel room that Mireles had paid for and the bedspread from that room was found near Sander’s body when it was found. Authorities tracked Mireles movement after the murder to Mexico. The LA Times is reporting:

Kansas authorities received tips about Mireles’ whereabouts in Mexico from several sources, and their Mexican counterparts had been monitoring his movements since at least Dec. 3, when he was charged in Butler County, she said.

Mexican authorities held off on arresting Mireles until they were assured of the legitimacy of Kansas prosecutors’ case, Satterfield said.

If Mireles is convicted of the capital murder charge he will face life in prison without the possibility of parole because prosecutors had to take the death penalty off the table in order to get the Mexican officials to agree to extradite Morales back to Kansas.

Israel Mireles Accused of Zoe Zane Murder

The murder of Zoey Zane has spawned a number of tributes online and prosecutors are alleging that the murder was planned, which would support the capital murder charge. There is no evidence stating that the murder had anything to do with Sander’s life as Zoey Zane. Israel Mireles’ preliminary hearing will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial in this matter. It appears that this hearing is a formality and that both sides are preparing for trial. It is bound to be an interesting trial and the allegations regarding the fact that Emily Sander is Zoey Zane online will play a big roll in the defense’s presentation of the case. This should be an issue because she didn’t deserve to be murdered and the fact that she posed nude online should not matter when the case goes to trial. I would love your thoughts on the murder and the killing of Zoey Zane.