This is the story of the Jasmine Fiore death photo controversy which has taken the internet by storm. The image of the dead model in a suitcase has shocked the public causing an uproar on celebrity websites including TMZ and others. See pictures of Jasmine Fiore here and tell us what you think about those who publish her death photos online.

jasmine fiore death photo

The Jasmine Fiore Death Photo

The model was allegedly killed by Ryan Jenkins, her ex-husband, who stuffed her lifeless naked body into a suitcase. A police officer in uniform is standing next to the suitcase which obviously has something inside that resembles a lifeless body. Somehow the police photo of the crime scene got into the hands of gossip site, which published the picture online.

That is when all hell broke loose. Flooded by an avalanche of negative publicity and sour reader comments, the celebrity juggernaut removed the pictures. However cached copies were retained in the internet and republished by others. It is a very blurry picture either taken in haste or scraped from a police video report of the apartment where her mutilated body was found.

More information about the nude Jasmine Fiore death photo controversy can be found here and here and especially here.

The suitcase containing her naked body was found in a dumpster by a homeless man looking for bottles and cans. He opened her suitcase revealing the grisly scene of a beautiful model cut down in the prime of life. Her teeth were missing and at least some of her fingers were but off, perhaps in an attempt to make identification of the former Playboy employee more difficult.

From a legal perspective publishing the death picture may be problematic. There is a right to privacy that extends even to the non-living so theoretically there may be recourse for her surviving family members against those who publish the image. However that is far from settled law and I would not expect a plaintiff to easily win such a case.

See more pictures and a video below, but do not expect us to show you the Jasmine Fiore death photo. We have higher standards. You can find it in the article links above if you really want.

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