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A couple days ago, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles walked into the ACORN Baltimore office posing as a pimp and his prostitute girlfriend seeking housing assistance. What followed was shocking, ACORN officials not only didn’t care about the prostitution ring, but they were willing to help the pair obtain housing as well as gave them advice on how to cheat the IRS.

ACORN promptly cried that they had been defamed in some way, saying that the allegations were false. Despite the fact that the incident was caught on tape, and ACORN fired the two employees involved. If there was no incident, then why fire the women caught on tape?

The ACORN scandal deepens, while officials for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now were crying foul and claiming that the two “frauds” had perpetrated this stunt in other ACORN offices and failed, another video tape has surfaced today. The second tape, this time in the Washington D.C. office shows the same two individuals, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles playing the same role and getting the same result.

In both instances, ACORN fired the employees involved. But don’t think it’s for ethical or moral reasons. This is pure CYA on the part of Barack Obama’s former community organizing group. Yes in case you didn’t know, the President once served as a “trainer”, as well as a lawyer for ACORN.

Now ACORN scandals are not a new thing. The group has been under investigation in a bevy of states for voter registration fraud as well as other corruption charges. Just today, the census bureau decided enough was enough and they severed all ties with the group. ACORN had been tapped to help with the upcoming 2010 census.

The ACORN scandal is not over, it’s only heating up. ACORN is due to receive billions of dollars from President Obama’s stimulus package, how quaint. Rep. Michelle Bachmann is calling for an investigation into why ACORN would receive taxpayer dollars to begin with. Bachmann also says the funds should be stopped in light of these current corruption charges.

To this point, FoxNews has been the only MSM source that has even mentioned the ACORN scandal. And like all good community organizing groups, this one is crying racism. Nice try.

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