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One of those staffers is thought to be Stephanie Birkitt, 34-years-old, who is Letterman’s ‘Girl Friday’ and often plays the part of the straight man for his jokes on air. She is also a former live-in lover of Robert ‘Joe’ Halderman and she kept a diary.

Halderman was arrested and charged with attempting to extort $2 million from Letterman for information about his numerous affairs with staff members. Included in the evidence he provided Letterman was the diary kept by Birkitt. Apparently, he had contacted Letterman and told him that his ‘world is about to collapse’. He met with Letterman and his attorney a couple of times. The attorney contacted Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau and wore a wire when he met with Halderman to give him a CHECK for $2 million to pay his off. Halderman was arrested after he deposited the check in his bank account.

A grand jury later charged him with one count of attempted grand larceny and David Letterman made his now infamous confession on national television. If convicted, Halderman is facing 5 to 15 years in prison.

Halderman has pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charges. He has hired attorney Gerald Shargel, known for his defense of mobster John Gotti. His attorney says there is more to the story than what Letterman has confessed to.

Oh, David. There are rules about these things. First off, it’s considered ‘sexual harassment’ at work when someone comes onto subordinate employees. That’s just not done and it’s poor form to say the very least. Secondly, when you make a habit of it someone somewhere along the line is going to talk (or keep a diary). Thirdly, when you are a multimillionaire, someone is always going to be wanting to dig into your deep pockets and help themselves to your millions. Fourthly, when you making a living through having the nasty habit of making mean-spirited jokes about other people’s sex lives and you are not very discrete in your own, then it WILL come back to bite you at some point in time.

So who is dumb and dumber? David Letterman who, it would appear, used his power and position to do his ‘dirty old man’ thang with the women in his employ and half his age or Joe Halderman who took a $2 million CHECK as a blackmail payoff?

David Letterman Tells Audience About Sex Scandal – Video

Robert Joe Halderman Arrested
in David Letterman Extortion Plot – Video

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