A soccer mom known for carrying her glock strapped to her waist at her daughters soccer game is dead in an apparent murder-suicide. 31 year old Melanie Hain and her husband 33 year old Scott Hain were found shot to death in what authorities say looks like a murder-suicide. An autopsy is scheduled.

GLOCK 29 10mm

According to sources close to the family, Melanie Hain and her husband Scott were having marital difficulties and had planned to separate. Witnesses also say that the couple’s children were heard saying “Daddy shot mommy!”

The couple lived in Lebanon, Pennsylvania and made headlines late last year when Melanie Hain showed up at her daughter’s soccer game packing a loaded glock semi-automatic handgun in a holster. After the incident the county sheriff revoked her permit to carry a weapon. A judge overturned the sheriff’s decision and Melanie Hain subsequently sued the sheriff for $1 million dollars.

There are plenty of opinions to go around when it comes to guns and gun control. Melanie Hain vehemently claimed that she was only asserting her second amendment rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Some of her neighbors thought differently though. Debbie Mise, a neighbor of the Hain’s said in the Lebanon Daily News:

Mise said she had a feeling something bad would eventually happen at the Hain home.

“She just wasn’t right,” Mise said of Meleanie Hain. “You don’t bring a gun to a kids’ soccer game, and you don’t wear a gun when you go shopping at Kohl’s.”

Liberals will say that Melanie Hain met with the fate in which she was destined. Proponents of the 2nd Amendment say that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The fact is Melanie Hain is dead not because she carried a glock 26 to her daughters soccer game or wore it while she grocery shopped.

Melanie Hain is dead because she had problems with her husband and one of the two decided to end it in a violent way. It happens every day; opponents of guns think that repealing the 2nd

Amendment or further regulating it will stop gun crime. It wouldn’t.
The real sad part of the story is that Melanie and Scott Hain had 3 children ages 10, 6, and 2 who are now without their mother and father; and witnessed something horrific that no child should ever have to.

Melanie Hain gun carrying soccer mom is no longer that, she’s now Melanie Hain gun crime victim. Let’s just hope before people jump to the wrong conclusions the facts of the case are presented.