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motorized lazy boy

Minnesota Man Gets DUI in Motorized La-Z-Boy

Dennis Anderson, 62-years-old, has a pretty unique method of getting around. His motorized La-Z-Boy (pictured above) turns out not to be the best place for him to get soused though. On Monday, October 19, 2009, he appeared in the St. Louis County District Court and pleaded guilty to DWI in connection to an incident in which he hit a parked vehicle while driving his La-Z-Boy under the influence of alcohol.

The driving a recliner under the influence incident happened on August 31st. Apparently, he had used the motorized chair to get himself to a bar in Proctor, where he is from. He told police that when he left the Keyboard Lounge he was driving just fine until a woman jumped on the chair. At that point, he lost control and hit the parked car. He says he had eight or nine beers in the bar. His blood alcohol level at the time was measured at 0.29 percent which is more than three times the legal limit for driving.

According to the Proctor Deputy Police Chief Troy Foucault, Anderson has the chair rigged up using a converted lawnmower Briggs & Stratton engine that is set for different power levels. He’s got it customized with a stereo, cup holders, steering wheel and a National Hot Rod Racing Association sticker on the head rest.

As cool as he’s made the chair, he had to give it up due to the DWI conviction. He had a previous conviction for drunk driving. The police plan to auction off the chair.

Dennis LeRoy Anderson, now known as the Minnesota man who got a DUI in motorized La-Z-Boy, plead guilty. Sixth Judicial District Judge Heather Sweetland sentenced him to 180 days in the St. Louis County jail. He was fined $2,000 plus court fees. She commuted the jail time and half the fine as long as Anderson completes two years of supervised probation and be electronically monitored for 30 days. He is also ordered to submit to a chemical dependency assessment, comply with their recommendations, abstain from alcohol and/or drug use and submit to random drug and alcohol testing.