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The Arizona company that was shipping the bus to the Netherlands had no idea that the bus was stolen. The man who had possession of the bus before it was discovered to be stolen is not a suspect. The California Highway Patrol, hopefully with Eric Estrada playing Ponch helping out, is going to try and trace the records back to find out who had this bus from the time it was stolen. You have to give whoever had it credit, they sure kept it in great shape.

The stolen VW bus, recovered 35 years later, will be going back to Allstate Insurance company and they will decide what to do with it. Maybe it can become part of some bad ad campaign about being in good hands or something. No matter what they decide to do with it I’m sure that was quite the call from customs agents to Allstate. I can only imagine what the person taking the call was thinking. Unfortunately the original owner has not been found to be informed that her van was recovered, and is still in mint condition. If anyone has any good VW bus stories I’d love to hear them in the comments below.