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Cindy Crawford extorted

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Read more details of the plot here and here and here.

We know that artsy types like models do the craziest things. When you hear that a picture of Cindy Crawford’s daughter exists bound and gagged to a chair, it produces the wildest imagery in the mind’s eye.

But it need not be so. For all we know this was an innocent game played between parent or child or some artsy photoshoot that models like to do. Indeed in an affidavit, the girl says her nanny staged the whole thing as part of a “cops and robbers” game. Court papers quote the nanny as saying the image was just a joke, and that is was stolen by Edis Kayalar.

What we do know is that extortion charges have been filed against Edis Kayalar for allegedly blackmailing Cindy Crawford over these photos of her daughter, Kaia Jordan. We’ll wait until all the facts are out before passing judgment. The facts suggest there is nothing salacious to it.

Meanwhile see the hot video below of Cindy Crawford, for sure not tied up and gagged, but instead taking off her panties on a television show. If you want fodder for another Cindy Crawford extorted scandal, just watch this video. And see more cute photos of the incredibly adorable Cindy Crawford’s daughter.

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Photos: Cindy Crawford’s Daughter