We’ve talked about some pretty sick and twisted people here on Right Juris before, but Ronald Hunt ranks with the lowest of the low. I can’t think of a worse headline than this “Ronald Hunt Caught Faking Disability On TV”. There’s not much worse you can do than that. The worst part about it was that Hunt was collecting payment from the state for his “disability”. The best part about this story is how Hunt got caught.


Read below about how Ronald Hunt was caught faking a disability on TV and see how you too can join unscrupulous people throughout the country by faking a disability below.

According to this report, Ronald Hunt was collecting disability pay for nearly three years before he was discovered. During those three years he collected nearly $150,000 on top of the nearly $400,000 he earned as an interior designer.

This story, states that Hunt plead guilty to two felony counts of fraud.

Ronald Hunt, 56, of Los Angeles was sentenced Tuesday to 200 hours of community service and ordered to pay more than $180,000 in restitution, unpaid taxes and fines. He pleaded guilty to two felony counts of fraud.

I sure hope the community service involves lots and lots of manual labor, preferably involving a shovel of some sort. It’s almost too bad that the chain gang isn’t in effect in California, but I guess that would make people feel bad about being locked up and we know that it’s against the law to feel bad about something in California.

So, how did he get caught? This is the best part. The story goes that an employee of the insurance company that was paying Hunt’s benefits saw Ronald Hunt on an HGTV show where he was doing some design work. After the employee realized who Hunt was, and that he sure did not look disabled, he contacted the State Department of Insurance, and charges were pressed.

It kind of makes me wonder if he saw this commercial and that’s what gave him the idea to fake a disability.

So, it looks like this time crime didn’t pay for Ronald Hunt, caught faking a disability on TV, and then getting spotted by someone who works for the insurance company that is paying his claim. I mean, really, talk about your unlucky day. I mean who even watches HGTV these days? The chances of this guy getting caught seem really slim. I guess it was just his time. Anyone want to throw out some punishment suggestions? I’m all ears.