Custody battles can be pretty nasty. Former Playboy Plamate Ida Ljungquist, the first African born playmate, is going to find soon. Joshua R. Lang is ready to go to court over their Chihuahua Bonnie. He claims the dog is his. See pictures, a video below.

Joshua Lang has petitioned the Santa Monica Superior Court to order the dog to be brought back to him, or in the alternative, to allow visitation time. He claims that he bought the dog, and therefore it belongs to him. Ljungqvist says that the dog was a gift to her from her husband during a difficult time in their relationship.

Lang had filed for divorce on September 19, 2008. I guess there must be a prenuptial agreement, otherwise the dog would be half hers and half his. Looks like this is turning into a nasty divorce. Along with the dog, there are accusations that she stole some of his property when she left in September.

Lang claims he loves the dog and misses her tremendously. He compared the dog to being like his own child. He also claims, among other things that he took care of the dog the first night he brought her home, while Ida went out on the town. Further, he claims he took care of the dog, walked and fed her, and that Ljungqvist did nothing to care for her.

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