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drew brees

Drew Brees, Brittany Brees

Mina Brees had a famously strained relationship with her famous son, Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. When she was running for a Texas appeals court seat in 2006 she used her son’s pictures in her television commercials. Drew Brees asked her to stop using him as an endorsement, which she did immediately. She replaced the ads and stated she didn’t anticipate using his image in her campaign would upset him. That wasn’t the first incident, however. Drew had stated publicly that his relationship with his mother was ‘nonexistent’ since about 2000 when he refused to use her as his agent.

Mina Brees died on August 7, 2009 while visiting her son Reid, and staying at a friend’s house in Granby near Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Following an autopsy and toxicology testing, her death has now been ruled a suicide by overdose of prescription drugs. The announcement was made by Grand County coroner Brenda Bock. She was 59-years-old and a prominent attorney in Austin, Texas. At one time she had been president of the Austin Bar Association.

Shortly before her death, Brees had been subpoenaed by the Texas attorney general’s office for her business records. It’s alleged that she sent letters to restaurants in Austin and Houston informing them they had lost their rights to use their names to a company she represented. In the letter, she told the restaurant owners they could win back their rights to their business names by paying up to $25,000. She didn’t mention in the letter that she was the president of the company, Chicksports, Inc. or that the corporation was based out of her offices. The Texas Restaurant Association alerted the restaurant owners that they did not have to pay to maintain rights to their business names.

Now that Mini Brees death has been ruled suicide it puts to rest speculation and questions as to how and why Drew Brees’ mother died. Hopefully, it will give the family some peace.

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