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Barack Obama has spent three months in deep contemplation and consideration of the request made of him by the general he put in Afghanistan to make a recommendation regarding what the United States should do about that desolate place that harbors terrorists and has been a haven for those who have attacked the United States and other Western countries in their on-going war against Western civilization.

As is his pattern, he will announce his very long-awaited decision in a much ballyhooed prime-time television appearance. He is using West Point as the place to make his announcement about his new troop strategy for Afghanistan. What a great photo-op that will be! Perfect setting, perfect hollywood production. Hopefully, his teleprompters will be functioning properly.

As you can see we have our Right Pundits Girl Greta commenting on the upcoming event in the video above. Greta’s videos are posted on the Right Pundits channel. In the video below you can watch the live streaming feed of the President’s speech. We also have a chat below in which we can discuss the whole thing. From Greta:

President Barack Obama will be announcing his strategy for Afghanistan on December 1st. The speech will take place at the backdrop of the United States Military Academy at West Point. August 30th, Commander General McChrystal submitted a report to the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, requesting 40,000 additional troops. Finally, he will get his answer and it is speculated he will not get the amount of troops he requested.

Military expert, Greyhawk of The Mudville Gazette wrote, Officials are promising that his speech will last roughly twice as long as then-President George W. Bush took to outline his Iraq surge strategy. So grab the pizza and beer and join us as we live stream and blog the event. Please join us with your keyboards and snark. The speech will take place December 1st 8:00 PM Eastern.

As is expected, there have been leaks about his strategy. It seems that he has attempted to cut the proverbial political baby in half in an attempt to appease the anti-war far left, which are his base as well as the independents who don’t want a weak president to continue weakening the United States by cutting and running leaving destruction in our wake. Unfortunately, like his predecessors, Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, an attempt to satisfy everyone will end up with satisfying no one and getting a lot of American Soldiers killed for nothing. If the rumors that are circulating now are true, then Obama is planning on trying to pretend-fight a war through a half-hearted attempt to win it, just as they got us into and half-heartedly escalated the war in Vietnam. One would think we could learn something from history. We should never send our Soldiers to war without the intent to WIN and do whatever it takes to win. These half measures have never worked and will never work.

The good news is that with the waffling this president does, it could all change tomorrow. As we have learned with many of his other speeches, his words have little if any relation to his actions (or inaction).

Wouldn’t it be great if we watch the video stream and see an Obama who has the moral courage to either fight the War on Terrorism for what it is and fight it to win OR tell us now that he’s going to surrender and bring all our Troops home. Wow, that would be great. Either, or. Just do it. We will gladly watch him wax on eloquently endlessly if he’d just make a decision and stick to it, especially a decision that saved American lives! Still I’m not holding my breath.

Obama’s Afghanistan speech video will start at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 1, 2009, but we will be here, ready to go with chatting at 7:45 p.m. (ET). We will live blog and have the Obama Afghanistan speech live feed of the entire speech. You can hear and see video stream all right here. No need to go to another channel as you can watch the live streaming video and discuss it here, all in the same place. Come on and watch with us. Let’s see what the President is going to do.

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