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Yeah, it’s satirical. But he working hard to have his 2010 California Protection of Marriage Act on the ballot next year. It all started as Marcotte’s protest to the people of California voting for Proposition 8, to outlaw gay marriage, in 2008. His argument is that if gay marriage was to be banned, then traditional marriage should be all the more protected by banning divorce in California.

Marcotte is a 38-year-old Sacramento, California based web designer and writer. He has been married for 7-years and has two children. His wife has signed his petition and he claims to have collected dozens of other signature. In fact, his fans on Facebook number more than 11,000. He will need 694,354 valid signatures by March 22, 2010 in order to get his proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot. He is funding his efforts through the sale of t-shirts that depict a bride and groom chained at the wrists.

The movement for a California divorce ban has re-opened the wounds and division created by the Proposition 8 amendment that the people of California voted on last year. Restore Equality 2010 is a group led by Jeffry Taylor. It is a coalition of same-sex marriage activists who are working to have Proposition 8 repealed. While Taylor says he finds Marcotte’s proposal ‘hilarious’ and supports his message, his group does not intend to join forces with him.

There have been varying reasons that people have signed the Rescue Marriage Petition. Some have done it in support of gay and/or lesbian relatives. Some have signed it because they think it’s hilarious. Others have been sincere in their belief that divorce should be banned. Whatever the reasons, the whole episode has garnered Marcotte national attention and brought back debate on California’s Proposition 8 and the issue of same-sex marriage. Which, I suppose, was what he was trying to accomplish.

So what do you think of California Divorce Ban movement led by John Marcotte?